GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Harrison County could soon have its first-ever female Eagle Scout. McKenzie LaSister is following in her family’s footsteps and bettering the Gulf Coast in the process.

The D’Iberville High student is hard at work on her Eagle Scout project. Her goal is to refurbish all the free little libraries at Harrison County schools.

The little houses hold dozens of books for kids of all ages. However, maintaining the homes and books isn’t always easy.

At one particular troop meeting, LaSister and her team were sifting through hundreds of books, replacing those that were damaged and putting new books into the rotation.

While fairly time-consuming, her passion for reading and helping others is what motivated her to tackle the project.

“When quarantine started, we were actually going to the little libraries and getting books before I started this project,” LaSister said.

So when searching for a way to better the community, she chose to better the free little libraries. LaSister partnered with the Gulfport-Orange Grove Rotary Club to try and make difference.

“I have watched many people go through scouting, and I’ve always said I want to leave a mark and do something good for the community,” she said.

LaSister was inspired from a young age, in large part due to her mother and brother’s role in the scouts.

“When I was younger, I watched my brother grow up and be a scout and I always wanted to do what he could do,” she said.

Now, she is making her whole family proud and is encouraging others to join and try to better South Mississippi.

“I think scouts is special because we are giving back to our community,” she said.

There are 12 different little libraries scattered across the Harrison County district. LaSister will find out if she will be the county’s first female Eagle Scout in the weeks ahead.